Model Homes for Sale


  • Come visit our model home and available for sale at Havre of Balmoral in Morin-Heights
  • Soon renovated house for sale in Saint-Adèle
  • Two lots available on the golf course and the Balmoral stream in Morin-Heights

Here are some of the available addons to our model houses :

• Attached garage
• 3 seasons patio
• Walk-out
• Gas fireplace
• Many interior upgrades
• Finished basement

Citadine of Gaëtan Cadieux Construction

Model house to visit Fevrier 2021

Starting at $ 460,000, Taxes and land included

Supercifies habitable: 1320 sf with garden rex




Sold – Available model for construction

Starting at $ 240000, plus taxes, plus land

Supercifies habitable: 948 sf



Model available for construction
$ 260 000 plus taxes, plus land
Living area: 1,256 sf


$ 260 000, plus taxes, plus land


Barista of Gaëtan Cadieux Construction

Living area 1034 sf – 9 Du Havre
Starting at $ 219,500 + taxes + land



Oasis –

Oasis I 


Oasis II

$ 257,540 + taxes with garden level (optional basement not completed)
$ 252,540 + taxes without Garden floor

Our Lots for Sale


Other models are available, we’ll be more than happy to show you, and help you find the right one.

Upon choosing your lot, we can introduce you the professionnals who will build your haven, so you can call this unique natural area your home. Our architecture services empower you to create a unique house, specifically suited to your needs. It’s easy to build high performance houses while keeping costs low with our team of experienced builders on-site to help you. Project management services are also available.

Self Construction


You can acquire one of our lots, and build your house yourself.

You can acquire one of our lots, and build your house yourself. However, your plan must be approved with regards to the architectural guidelines that have been put forward to maintain esthetic coherence within the project. Also, all local regulations will have to be respected and you will need to obtain the proper authorizations from the city of Morin-Heights. Finally, compliance with the declaration co-ownership is mandatory, to ensure the well being of every owner and the continued high quality of the project.

Our main focus is to preserve the coherence of the project. Through plan approval and architectural guidelines, we create and maintain a high quality environment for everyone, and help secure investment profitabilty.